Run DeepSource your way on your own servers

Deploy DeepSource on-prem or your private cloud within minutes, retain full control of your source code and privacy, and scale as you need.


Deploy DeepSource in minutes, not days.

Unlike traditional self-hosted solutions that involve a complex installation process and require painful maintenance, DeepSource Enterprise Server is designed to be simple and requires minimal maintenance.


Deploy on your existing Kubernetes cluster or use our embedded install on any VPS. Designed to work with even the most complex infrastructure setups.

Single-click updates

Use the admin console to apply new releases in just one click, without the need to ever go to the shell or manually download patches.

Parity with DeepSource Cloud

All new features and improvements on DeepSource Cloud are available on DeepSource Enterprise Server within two weeks.

Air gap support

Deploy DeepSource in a 100% isolated mode with air gap networking for sensitive workloads and compliance requirements.

Built for scale

Battle-tested with organizations with thousands of developers that analyze 1M+ commits every month with DeepSource.

Priority support

White-glove onboarding and support to help you deploy, migrate from other platforms, and get started with DeepSource. Ideal for large organizations.
Powerful maintenance tools

Powerful maintenance tools

Traditional self-hosted software is painful to manage, update, and scale. DeepSource’s Enterprise Control Panel gives you comprehensive management and diagnostic features with in-built support for support bundles and license management.

Built for regulated environments and industries

Strict regulations and data security requirements have historically made it difficult for large enterprises to adopt modern tools. DeepSource Enterprise Server is built with regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and government tech in mind. Self-host DeepSource in your secure environment while still getting the native cloud experience.

Built for regulated environments and industries
Powerful maintenance tools

Built for regulated environments and industries


Loved by developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Our platform enables thousands of enterprises to manage their code health while providing their developers a pleasant experience.

I'm a big fan of DeepSource. I reviewed quite a few products to better support our engineers and the quality of problems found was far better than Codacy or Code Climate for our Python backend codebase.

Adam Pietrzycki


We compared it against other tools and DeepSource seemed to find more meaningful things in the code. Since we've adopted it, we've hired more junior-level engineers to focus on the bug risks and security issues DeepSource finds. It finds things our engineers generally miss.

John Craft

VP of Engineering

DeepSource looks at things that might create a security problem or a performance problem going forward; or if we're violating a best practice. All that gets codified into DeepSource and as developers, for code reviews, now we can focus on higher-order bits.

Arpit Mohan

Co-founder & CEO

DeepSource is static code analysis for humans. Stop wasting your time setting up and maintaining CLI tools on CI, just use DeepSource.

Ruslan Kuprieiev

Team Lead

Thanks to DeepSource, all our code quality practices are now automated. It automatically highlights code quality issues and helps us fix them even before someone reviews the code manually — saving a lot of the reviewer's time.

Joy Lal Chattaraj


Start managing your code
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