Fix thousands of code quality issues with just two clicks

Autofix™ automatically generates fixes for issues raised by our static analysis and SAST engines and helps you apply them directly as commits or new pull requests.


Scalable auto-remediation that you can trust.

Autofix™ is built on our powerful Concrete Syntax Tree (CST)-based remediation engine that uses contextual information to generate fixes with high accuracy.

Supports all major programming languages

Autofix™ supports Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Rust, C# / .NET, among others. We’re constantly working on adding new technologies.

Compatible with your workflow

Create a new commit with fixes in an existing pull request without breaking the development flow or create a new pull request to fix existing issues.

Full control over results

Fixes are generated in the form of a git-compatible patch, making it easy to discard changes you don’t want to commit.

Designed to be 100% safe

We never touch your default development branch directly. All changes are made through pull requests, making it impossible to break stability by accident.

Make code reviews delightful

Make code reviews delightful

A substantial part of peer code reviews includes pointing out trivial changes and manually fixing them across multiple files. Most of these issues can be fixed automatically with high reliability, which is why we built Autofix™. It saves the developer time making the pull request and enables the code reviewer to take action themselves.

Clean up your existing code base

If you’ve never used a static analysis or SAST tool on your code before, chances are that you’ll see quite a lot of issues when you first run DeepSource. Autofix™ helps you easily fix the low-hanging fruits across the entire repository without breaking a sweat.

Clean up your existing code base
Make code reviews delightful

Clean up your existing code base


Loved by developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Our platform enables thousands of enterprises to manage their code health while providing their developers a pleasant experience.

I'm a big fan of DeepSource. I reviewed quite a few products to better support our engineers and the quality of problems found was far better than Codacy or Code Climate for our Python backend codebase.

Adam Pietrzycki


We compared it against other tools and DeepSource seemed to find more meaningful things in the code. Since we've adopted it, we've hired more junior-level engineers to focus on the bug risks and security issues DeepSource finds. It finds things our engineers generally miss.

John Craft

VP of Engineering

DeepSource looks at things that might create a security problem or a performance problem going forward; or if we're violating a best practice. All that gets codified into DeepSource and as developers, for code reviews, now we can focus on higher-order bits.

Arpit Mohan

Co-founder & CEO

DeepSource is static code analysis for humans. Stop wasting your time setting up and maintaining CLI tools on CI, just use DeepSource.

Ruslan Kuprieiev

Team Lead

Thanks to DeepSource, all our code quality practices are now automated. It automatically highlights code quality issues and helps us fix them even before someone reviews the code manually — saving a lot of the reviewer's time.

Joy Lal Chattaraj


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